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How much does LivWatch cost?
Right now, the LivWatch Beta Program is available for only $25 per month. Typically, LivWatch costs $65 per month, including a monthly payment for an Apple Watch SE. If you were to supply your own Apple Watch, the typical monthly cost is $52.
What technology is required to use LivWatch?
LivWatch is currently available for Apple devices only, and requires an iPhone Series 8 or newer, an Apple Watch Series 6 or newer, and the LivWatch app. You can purchase the required Apple Watch through LivWatch but you must provide the required iPhone separately.
How is this different from other fall detection services or buttons?
LivWatch is the only offering on the market that has both a complete mobility and fall prevention program, as well as a fall detection and response service. Plus our fall detection service is operated by emergency medical technicians and offers fall response care that is right-sized to what users need, whether that's an emergency response or a recommendation to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician.
Is LivWatch for me?
LivWatch Beta is a program for older adults (60+) who wants to maintain and improve their mobility and independence. At this time, the beta program is suitable for those with moderate mobility -- meaning those who do not currently use mobility assistance devices.
What happens when the 2-month Beta program ends?
The LivWatch Beta program will run until the end of April 2023. From this point on, your card on file will not be charged for subsequent months and your will no longer have any obligation or access to LivWatch. If you purchased the All Access Bundle (app + Apple Watch), you will have the option to keep the Apple Watch for $50.
Do I have to have an iPhone to be in the Beta program? Is there an Android version of LivWatch?
You must have an iPhone 8 or newer to participate in the Beta program. Only the iPhone 8 and newer models have the gait sensors that LivWatch relies on. If you are enrolled but you have an Android or another type of mobile phone, please notify the LivWatch team at
What if I’m traveling during the Beta program?
LivWatch will work wherever you are in the US. We recommend that you keep up with the LivWatch program even while traveling. If this is inconvenient for you, feel free to resume the LivWatch program when you return from your trip. Please note that our Helpline is only available in the US. If you have a fall incident while traveling abroad, our Helpline will not be able to dispatch an emergency response service if one is needed.
What if I don’t like the style of the Apple Watch or watch band that I ordered? Or what if my watch band doesn’t fit?
Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accommodate replacing watches based on personal preferences. However, we know it’s hard to know if you’ll like what you chose so your Welcome Kit will include an extra (free) watch band in the event that you don’t like the one you selected or it doesn’t fit. The good news is there are many alternative band options in the market. We can point you to some good options if you send us a note.
Do I need cellular service on my Apple Watch?
No. The Apple Watch can be paired with your iPhone so that it can communicate with emergency services or our EMT call center. As long as your Apple Watch is within ~30 feet of your iPhone, it will provide the cellular connectivity you need.

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